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The Alumni Affairs Office aims to connect with the alumni around the globe. 


The Alumni Affairs Office functions as an ambassador of the University of Mindanao to connect and engage all alumni to promote friendship, nurturing life-long commitment and loyalty to the University in the spirit of UMians.


To inspire and develop close ties among the graduates of the University, it is committed to develop and enhance a camaraderie that is joined for mutual benefit and support. It is established with the duty of contributing to the advancement of the local community and globally.


Statement of Purpose

  • To build productive relationships with alumni (local, regional, national and international) students, staff and faculty.

  • To unite into one body all alumni/alumnae associations/chapters of the University of Mindanao.

  • To promote and encourage the cooperation, coordination and unity of purpose and objectives of all alumni/alumnae associations/chapters of the University of Mindanao.

  • To encourage involvement of the members in the development and accomplishment of the association’s goals.

  • To enhance unity and sharing of members’ areas of knowledge and expertise.



The University of Mindanao (UM), then the Mindanao Colleges (MC), was opened in Davao City to the public in July 1946. It was the first school to offer tertiary education in Southern Mindanao primarily to provide learning opportunities to the indigenous natives and pioneers of Mindanao.

The University of Mindanao Alumni Association Inc. (UMAAI) was established on May 1, 1980.


Today, it was more defined and reorganized into two bodies: the Alumni Affairs Office and the Alumni Association.

  • To foster and promote better and more harmonious relationship among the different alumni/alumnae associations/chapters of the University of Mindanao.

  • To infuse the value of an empowered membership in the development of the association.

  • To promote civic mindedness.

  • To increase employment opportunities through linkages with the industries, government and non-government units.

  • To support outreach programs.

  • To support student’s scholarship programs.

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